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Minecraft Title Update Xbox 360 Download __TOP__

Depending on where you live, you could be prompted to update Minecraft right now. We checked to confirm, and in the United States, the update was available for download. You can find a full list of the Minecraft TU9 Changes and Fixes here.

Minecraft Title Update Xbox 360 Download

To all the people who are saying you can't, well you can. Go to and go download the Minecraft title updates starting from 1. if you want to play later versions you have to download each update and launch Minecraft in that tu at least once before downloading later updates. Download horizon from wemod and grab a flash drive. Plug the flash drive into your Xbox 360 and format it, (if you skip this step horizon will not recognize you're flash drive.). Put it into your pc and inject the tu file you downloaded from Xbox unity into the folder that says title update. lastly, launch Minecraft using the flash drive and boom! Minecraft tu1 - tu11

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