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Initial D: Fifth Stage Episode 5 !FULL!

Hearing Transcript at 62-63 (Transcript at 97-98). Thus, if this second hypothetical question properly reflects Wiekamp's impairments, the vocational expert's opinion is "substantial evidence" that the Commissioner has carried his fifth-stage burden, and denial of Wiekamp's application for disability benefits was proper. See Roberts, 222 F.3d at 471.

Initial D: Fifth Stage Episode 5

A large number of survivors reporting generalized anxiety (74%) and social anxiety (62%) had onset of symptoms after cancer diagnosis and associated their symptoms with cancer. Generalized anxiety was often triggered by cancer-related changes in perceived health and vulnerability, and social anxiety was associated with cancer-related changes in appearance, self-perceptions, and lack of social connectedness. In survivors with no history of anxiety disorders, lingering treatment-related side effects predicted the onset of the first anxiety disorder episode. In survivors with a history of anxiety disorders, a higher cancer stage predicted development of anxiety disorder symptoms.[18] 041b061a72


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