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Party Monster ((BETTER))

Party Monster is a 2003 American biographical crime drama film written and directed by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, who are also producers along with Jon Marcus and Christine Vachon. It stars Macaulay Culkin as the drug-addled "king of the Club Kids". The film tells the story of the rise and fall of the infamous New York City party promoter Michael Alig. This was Macaulay Culkin's first film in nearly nine years since his starring role in the 1994 film Richie Rich.

Party Monster

The film opens with Michael Alig as a small-town outcast who lived with his mom before moving to New York. Michael learns the New York party scene from James St. James, who teaches him the "rules of fabulousness", which mostly revolve around attracting as much attention to oneself as possible.

Despite James' warning, Alig hosts a party at The Limelight, a local club owned by Peter Gatien. With Alig as its main attraction, The Limelight soon becomes the hottest club in New York. Alig is named "King of the Club Kids" and goes on a cross country journey in search of more club kids. Alig and James pick up Angel Melendez, Gitsie, and Brooke. Gitsie becomes Michael's latest sidekick although the movie implies the relationship was little more than platonic. However, after Michael descends further into drug abuse, his life starts to spiral out of control, eventually culminating in his involvement in the murder of Angel. Gitsie and Michael decide to go to rehab but ultimately return to NY with the same drug problems as before, causing Michael to lose his job and end up in a motel in New Jersey where he is arrested and sent to prison after being ousted by James. James then begins to write his "Great American Novel", published first as Disco Bloodbath and later as Party Monster.

In this true crime story focused on the "Club Kids" era and its extremes, Macaulay Culkin stars as infamous party promoter and convicted killer Michael Alig. Fueled by drugs, sex, and music, the film is based on James St. James' memoir Disco Bloodbath and features visceral performances by Culkin and Seth Green.

Shape the mood (literally) for any party with the modular LED Wi-Fi smart light from LIFX. Easily control the Kelvins in the room or go all hygge like we did when we set ours up in the studio with the Apple HomeKit.

Lisa scrolled through her photos of the previous night. Once Lisa reached a certain level of drunk during a party she would start taking photos. All of the photos were taken with ill-timed flash and artsy angles, though I think the angles had to do more with Lisa being very drunk while taking the photos than with aesthetic choices.

We looked through the photos and even though I had blacked out, I felt that I understood the sort of party it had been, because I had seen photos like these a million times before. Trevor humping a door. Megan, absolutely smashed, passed out on the carpet with half a tit out. One blurry photo obviously taken while Lisa was in the middle of hooking up with Armand. Me making out in a bedroom with someone. Another shot of Megan, throwing up into a garbage can on the front lawn.

Anyway, so of course it had to be a whole thing where Lisa, my mom and I had to answer a bunch of questions at the police station, but it turned out fine because shooting a monster who attacks you because he wants you to have his kid is actually considered self defense. And then I got my abortion.

Leo the Party Monster appeared on Sesame Street during season 17 and season 18, first seen in Episode 2162. This loud monster is obsessed with partying -- any time, anywhere. He made subsequent appearances in Episode 2212 and 2222, as well as a sketch where he hosts "The Party Line" (First: Episode 2218) and playing a potato in a pageant sketch about foods.

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The episode begins during the evening, with the Test family finishing their dinner. Hugh asks the kids if they want anymore meatloaf, so Susan and Mary tell him they don't. Johnny however, tells him that Dukey would love some. Johnny then steps on Dukey's feet, making him scream, as Johnny throws a bowl full of meatloaf in his mouth. After Dukey swallows it, he tells Johnny that he'll pay for that. Hugh then tells the girls that he and Lila have an announcement to make. Mrs. Test than says that, after a close analysis, and after they begged, and she convinced their father, who continues, they will allow the girls to have their first party where boys are allowed too. Susan and Mary than get excited, thinking at Gil, and than they run to the lab, to prepare it. Mr. Test than says that the party must be with the lights on.

The scene than moves to the lab, where Mary tests 3 different themes for the party. Susan than says that they need the Phero-Booster. Mary says that it is still a prototype, but Susan says that, since it worked for mice, it is good for the party too. Susan than takes out the Phero-Booster from a fridge, but Mary tells her that, even though it makes mice super cool, they don't know what effects it has on humans. Susan than calls Johnny, but, he doesn't hear, as he and Dukey have the music turned on in Johnny's room. Dukey than tells Johnny that, if he wants a girl to dance with him, he needs a catchphrase, to which Johnny asks him what is that. Dukey than tells him, and Johnny seems to like it, saying that they'll be true party monsters. Susan and Mary than knock at the door, and, after Johnny opens it, Mary tells him that they don't have any free spots for them on the invites list, much to Johnny's shock, who says that they must come, as they even learned to dance. Dukey than says that they love the parties too, and than he and Johnny start dancing. Susan that says that they might be able to free a spot, if Johnny and Dukey help her and Mary with a experiment, to which Johnny and Dukey agree.

The scene than moves forward, where Mary takes the Phero-Booster, and she and Susan explain Johnny and Dukey about it. Dukey says that Johnny won't drink that, but Mary asks him if they don't want to come to the party, to which Susan continues, asking if they want to miss the snacks and the dance, and, continued by Mary, Janet Nelson Jr., to which Johnny tells them that they convinced him since the snacks. He than takes the Phero-Booster and drinks it, transforming into a really good-looking Johnny. Dukey than asks for side effects, but Mary just tells him that he's jealous because Johnny looks good. Susan than tells Johnny to spread the invitations at school.

The next day at school, Johnny impresses every girl and female teachers with his looks. A group of kids than carry Johnny on their arms to Gil, who tells him he looks good, asking him if he's been lifting weights or if he washed. Johnny tells him that's the way he is, and tells him to come to the party, as it will be even cooler than him. After Gil leaves, Johnny starts walking down the corridors, once again impressing the girls and female teachers, and this time, making them faint just by looking at them.

In the classroom, Johnny tells Janet to come to his sisters party, but Janet, without looking at him, tells him to forget it, but once she sees Johnny, she quickly changes her mind. Johnny than tells her to be there at 7 o'clock, and than tells her that she can faint, which she does.

During the evening, Susan and Mary check the responses to the invitations, and as they see Gil's answer, they get excited. Susan than tells Mary that it's time to try the Phero-Booster, but, as Mary takes the Phero-Booster out of the fridge, she spots the mice they've been experimenting on, which look like monsters. Dukey, wearing a gas mask, and trembling, and Johnny then enter the lab. Johnny then starts complaining, and tells his sisters to do something, to which Susan opens a hatch under Johnny, making him fall through it. Dukey and Mary then look at Susan, who says she has done something. Johnny is than seen jumping back in the lab, to which Susan wonders why she gave him the atomic shock spring sneakers. Johnny then says that he'll go to his dad and show him what the girls have done to him. Mary stops him as he is about to exit the room, saying that she can fix him temporarily. Susan than says that, after the party, after she'll dance with Gil, and he'll become her boyfriend, she'll repair Johnny. Mary then becomes jealous, and opens the hatch Johnny fell through, making Susan wonder why she invented it in first place. Mary than starts fixing Johny, and the scene moves forward, to the point where the party is about to start.

Mr. Test is shown opening the door for the invites, and tells them that if the light goes off even for a second, the party is over. In the lab, Susan tells Mary to hurry, and she finishes, saying that Johnny looks cool. Johnny wonders if it's true, and asks Dukey if it's true. Dukey is speechless for a few seconds, but as Susan gives him a steak, he tells Johnny that he looks good too. Susan than tells Dukey to keep Johnny away, and he'll receive more steaks, to which Dukey agrees. Susan and Mary than open the door for the invites, and the party starts. Johnny is than shown dancing in a corner of the lab, and, as he spots Janet, he wants to impress her, but Dukey tells him that it's not the perfect time, and that he still has to show Johnny a lot more dance moves, and they'll probably stay in that corner for the rest of the party. Dukey is than shown dancing, but he falls through the open hatch, making Johnny wonder who opened it. Susan and Mary are than shown dancing, as Gil closes them. He says that he never knew they were so cool, and invites them to dance. Johnny is than shown trying to impress Janet, but as she looks at him, she spits the juice she was drinking on Johnny's face. Still trying to impress her, Johnny starts to dance, but loses his wig along the way, scaring Janet, who runs away. 041b061a72


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