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Where To Buy Hang Tags [WORK]

A hang tag (or swing tag, depending on who you ask!) is a tag attached to the outside of a garment or merchandise. It's not a part of the merchandise but is something that is usually removed before use. Hang tags can contain a personalized logo, as well as readily accessible information about the product (such as size, care instructions, materials used, etc.). Hang tags are usually cardboard, but some other materials have been seen as well. It is frequently attached to the product via a string, thread, or plastic adjoiner.

where to buy hang tags


Hang tags are used to display important information about an item, including the brand, price, materials used in making the item, and other valuable information. Besides giving essential information about an item, hang tags also allow items to stand out on sales floors and open-air markets. A hang tag is a great focal point that draws customers in and grabs their attention, making items stand out when people are shopping. Examples of usages include attaching them to a piece of clothing in combination with printed labels, using them as furniture tags on a sales floor, and countless more.

Hang tags can be made of a variety of materials, ranging from paper to leather to textile or wood. Our hang tags are made using the highest quality bristol board. They are then finished off with a whole punch and are available with an optional cord attachment to make displaying your hang tags easier.

Hang tags create a memorable experience for whoever interacts with a product. Whether it's making a product stand out on the shelves or a gift stand out as it's unwrapped, hang tags allow an extra wow-factor. They're also a great way to tell the world about a maker as an individual, as a hang tag design and layout can add an extra aesthetic layer to a creation. We also have you covered for t-shirt labels, quilt labels, and laundry labels.

Whether you're looking for hang tags for clothing, bags, or something else entirely, our professional-quality, 280 gsm Bristol board hang tags are the perfect choice for branding your products in a retail setting. With a full range of hang tag design and finishing options at your fingertips, as a label maker for clothes we can make sure that your items feel like they belong on the sales floor. We also sell custom fabric tags, size labels, and iron-on labels at Dutch Label Shop.

Hang tags are perfect for everything from selling handbags, clothing, yoga mats, and much more. But hang tags aren't just for selling products. They're also a great addition to any gift to give it an extra special extra touch. Create a hang tag that lets people know all about the things you created. They're also great for using to organize or label storage bins and drawers, or anything else in your house, with their high-quality card stock, and clear printed quality.

Designing hang tags is incredibly easy with our online design editor. You can upload your own images, designs, and logos - or build it right on our site. If you want to create your own design, click "Design Online" located at the top of our hang tags page. You can choose the tag & text color, font, icons, and even the type of cord you want on the tags, and it's as simple as that! If you have a custom design you want to upload, it's just as easy. Click "Upload Your Logo" at the top of our hang tags page. From there, you can orient your design just right and choose what you want the backside to look like. Make sure any designs you upload are high-quality images; this will help create a crisp & flawless print.

When designing a hang tag, there are a few things to account for regarding content. For starters, you may want to include garment sizing, color, pricing, or even social media tags. Hang tags can be formatted in various ways depending on how you want to market your brand. You might include a short synopsis of your business on the back, or maybe include care instructions. Some just showcase a logo with a clean back, while some include details that otherwise might not be included on woven labels. Hang tags are not only a part of the customer experience, but they add the "piece de resistance" to any garment or product. Your design is what customers will look at the most when making a purchasing decision, so make it something eye-catching and memorable! Also, consider our name labels and clothing price tags.

At Dutch Label Shop, you can order the best hang tags available. All hang tags are printed digitally at 300 dpi. It's also possible to order your hang tags including a cord. We'll attach them for you, to save you a lot of time. The specifications of our hang tags are:

A hang tag is a small flat or folded label (often made from paper or plastic materials) that hangs from a garment or product and is used to display essential information such as brand name, product details, and price. Custom hang tags are one of the easiest, most affordable ways to brand your merchandise.

Hang tags are often used in the apparel industry, as they are easy to attach to most garments, including T-shirts, jeans, dresses, shirts, and outwear. For retail shelf merchandise, hang tags are an inexpensive alternative to traditional boxed packaging – not only do you save time and money on producing and assembling boxes, the product itself will be easier to see. A folded hang tag gives you enough room to include your company logo, your mission statement, and essential information about the product (ingredients, materials, etc.).

If you specialize in gift merchandise, keep pre-printed holiday hang tags on hand to make the gift-giving process a little easier on your customers! Personalized hang tags are also the perfect finishing touch for wedding and party favors – they can easily be tied to goody bags or slipped onto bottles of champagne.

Swing tags are another term for garment hang tags. Swing tags are often attached to articles of clothing using either string or plastic joiners and are used to provide consumers with information about the garment, including the brand name, product name, sku, price, and more.

If you're looking for a beautiful hang tag that's just right for your brand, you'll be impressed by our selection. We offer hang tags in numerous sizes, all of which can be printed on a wide array of premium paper stocks, including glossy, matte, and recycled. You have the option of printing a full color design on just the front or on both sides, and we even let you decide the best hole position (top left, top center, top right) for your design. For a softer touch, you can add rounded corners (not available for all sizes).

Whether you have your own hang tag design or would like to create one through our site, we make it easy to place your order so you can get your hang tags delivered to you as quickly as possible. When you order hang tags through GotPrint, your final product is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee for first-time customers. We’re committed to offering our customers affordable pricing, quick turnaround, and stellar customer service.

We have 25 hang tag sizes to choose from, ranging from 2" x 2" to 2" x 8". The best size for your hang tag will depend on your product and how much information you'd like to include. If you are looking for a simple hang tag to display just your logo and company name, a 2" x 3" is perfect for this purpose. If you would like to include additional text such as product details, choose one of our larger sizes or folded hang tags instead.

Most companies include the brand name, logo, tagline, product name, and basic product information (ingredients, materials, price) on their hang tags. If you would like to stick to a single hang tag design for all products, you can have just your company name and logo, and attach any product-specific information, including price, to the back of the hang tag.

If you need personalized hang tags, we offer 2 convenient ways to make your own! If you already have a design, you can upload it to our website, make your size and paper selections, and we’ll handle the printing and hole drilling for you.

If you're just starting out, you can create a custom hang tag design through our website. Our Online Designer allows you to choose from hundreds of industry-specific or general background images and templates and add your text. You can also upload your company logo and any other images you want to use.

If you would like to check out our print and paper quality before you order custom hang tags, request a free sample kit - no credit card required! Our sample kits show a range of products to help you decide which paper stock and coating is just right for your brand.

Our 2” x 2” custom hang tags printed on 14 pt. gloss cover stock start at just $27.96 for 100. No matter what size, quantity, and paper stock you choose, you can count on high-quality personalized hang tags at budget-friendly prices.

We offer a variety of premium paper stocks to choose from. Our popular 14 pt. gloss cover is a durable card stock that has an extra layer of High Gloss UV coating for a beautiful shine and great color reproduction. For a softer, more vintage appearance, choose either the 14 pt. uncoated cover or the 16 pt. premium matte cover. We also offer a 100 lb. recycled option for eco-conscious brands and a 100 lb. gloss cover if you’re looking for a more flexible, lighter hang tag.

If you need to order hang tags but you're not sure how to design one, our Online Designer tool was built for customers just like you. This step-by-step tool allows you to customize everything from the background to the text so you can create an attractive hang tag that perfectly represents your brand. Once you're happy with your design and place your order, we'll send it straight to print.

If you are printing your own design, please refer to our downloadable templates first. Our templates are clearly marked with the safety zone, trim line, and bleed (we require a .125 bleed for hang tags). Any text or images that you don’t want to risk being cut off should be placed within the safe zone. The trim line shows where the final product will be cut, and the bleed refers to the part that will be trimmed off. If your hang tag design has a background image, make sure the background goes all the way to the bleed line of the template. 041b061a72