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Ea Cricket 2005 Free [HOT] Download Full Version

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ea cricket 2005 free download full version

If you're a huge fan of EA's other sports offerings, like FIFA and NHL, Cricket 2005 is another solid athletic offering. It's even got a great international aspect to it that any cricket lover is sure to appreciate.

The gameplay in Cricket 2005 centers around a presentation that looks like you're watching a televised broadcast of the game. This comes complete with a full action replay mode, as well as a third umpire, overlays in a TV-style format and a field position editor that lets users choose between auto or manual fielding. The full version also boasts more than 35 different stadium layouts, based on real stadiums in Melbourne, Auckland, Cape Town and various English cities.

Unfortunately, since Cricket 2005 is about six years old, the graphics aren't the most impressive, especially compared to other EA titles. If you're in it for solid cricket and excellent gameplay, however, it likely won't disappoint.

The game was released in three different region-based covers. Adam Gilchrist appeared on the Australian cover, Daniel Vettori on the New Zealand cover and Andrew Flintoff on the English cover. It was the last game to have all real player names.. However it is liked by the cricket sports lovers. Get the EA Sports Cricket 2005 free download and enjoy.

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In traditional fashion, it's a case of a quick wash and brush-up, with the developer resolutely refusing to fix what isn't broken, while updating it in terms of players and teams. The EA dollar speaks loud, and as such, the England team is fully licensed, featuring real player names as well as physical likenesses, with the cream of our cricketers faithfully recreated as dead-eyed zombies. And if that's not enough, you can always stick yourself in the game using the ubiquitous Create-A-Player technology. Throw in 35 different stadiums and a laconic Richie Benaud commentary, and it's just like watching it on TV (without your specs on).

Obviously that's not enough to warrant spending 30 quid, as you can watch cricket on TV for free, generally while counting the days until the football season starts. And if you were to play a test series or two, that day would soon come round. It's all very authentic having such an option, but is anyone really going to sit down and play out a five-day test? We would suggest not. Even the hints and tips section reminds you - twice - that patience is a virtue in test matches'.

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