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Download Merge Matters Home Renovation Game With Twist Mod Apk

Merge Matters has many different levels selected by the player. Each level is a challenge that the game will make you want to conquer. While doing the housework, the character must be accompanied by an important task that cannot be ignored: finding her missing husband. Players will practice repairing everything in the house with the tools they earn. To get home repair tools, players must tap on many toolboxes together. The game brings exciting moments when manually upgrading the items in the home. Players just need to check the mission and complete it, and you will have money to innovate the house.

Download Merge Matters Home renovation game with twist mod apk

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Merge Matters: - repair your new mansion in the city, where you recently moved with his family. Emily, her between Oscar and baby Oliver require assistance to open and transform them. In the beginning, in some strange way lost the Oscar, so she will have to solve many puzzles and uncover the secrets hidden behind these walls. Fix the electrics in the house and other communications, and then proceed to cleaning and interior design. Get ready for unexpected twists in the game, not so simple as it seems at first glance.

Interesting plot Merge Matters: Design and renovation of a house with riddles - colorful puzzle for every day for android devices. Addictive casual puzzle game in which you will meet adorable and cute characters - Emilia, her husband Oscar and their baby named Oliver. The heroes only recently moved to a country house, but soon Oscar received a mysterious letter, after which he disappeared without a trace. Now Emily will have to independently undertake the investigation of this incident, take care of the baby, restore the mansion, ennoble the garden and reveal the secrets of this place. Secrets and secrets An intriguing plot with unexpected events and twists has been prepared for you, a lot of secrets and mysteries to be solved. As you progress through the game, you will be able to collect clues, reveal secrets, meet neighbors, and also take on the repair of each room and equip the garden to your taste. You will find colorful design, classic puzzles with the mechanics of merging objects, an interesting plot, charismatic characters and addictive gameplay.

Merge Matters: Home renovation game with a twist is a casual puzzle game in which the player will help the main character to equip a house and to find her missing husband. In the story the girl Emily, her husband Oscar and six-month-old baby settled in the new house. One day, Oscar is gone, and now Emily has to find him, along the way, built the mansion. In the process of searching for the heroine not only deal with furnishing a new home, but also to interact with other characters, including relatives and even police detectives.

Emily is just embarking on her journey of home renovation when tragedy strikes and she has to find her missing husband. Help Emily on her quest and enjoy hours of decorating games in the redecor game Merge Matters. It will never cease to surprise you! 041b061a72


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