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Decorative Arabic Fonts Free

Decorative Arabic Fonts Free

Arabic fonts are beautiful and diverse, reflecting the rich history and culture of the Arabic world. Arabic script is one of the most widely used writing systems in the world, with more than 400 million speakers in over 60 countries. Arabic fonts can be used for various purposes, such as logos, posters, headlines, banners, invitations, greeting cards, and more.


However, finding high-quality and free Arabic fonts can be challenging, especially if you are looking for decorative or artistic ones. Decorative Arabic fonts are those that have extra embellishments or ornaments, such as swirls, curves, dots, stars, or geometric shapes. They can add more flair and personality to your design, but they can also be harder to read or write with. Therefore, you should use them sparingly and wisely, depending on your audience and context.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best websites where you can find and download decorative Arabic fonts for free. These websites offer a variety of styles and categories, such as faux Arabic, Ramadan, food, headline, kareem, Muslim, sweet, title, poster, advertising, brand identity, calligraphy, fun, greeting card, hajj, mosque, movie, mubarak, playful, quotation, religious, show, travel, umrah, whimsical, eid, cursive, dessert, sans serif, bold, heavy, foreign imitation, stylish, large x-height, fat, regular black desert geometric islam medium pointy wide 1900s 1960s 1970s angular apparel and more. You can browse through their collections and preview the fonts before downloading them. Some of the websites also provide useful tips and tutorials on how to use and install the fonts on your computer or device.


FontSpace is one of the largest online font communities with over 40 thousand free fonts to choose from. It has a dedicated section for decorative Arabic fonts, where you can find 76 free fonts that are suitable for commercial use. Some of the popular fonts in this category are Bismillah Script, Awal Ramadhan, Delik, Hakan, Zanzabar, Felicitation_Arabic Feasts, Shaumy, Quran Surah svg 2, Aayat Quraan 2, Aayat Quraan 1, Riyadoh, Al Hanin, Halimah, Aayat Quraan 19, and Felicitation Arabic_Ramadan. You can download the fonts individually or as a zip file. You can also filter the fonts by license type, popularity rating date added or alphabetically.

1001 Fonts

1001 Fonts is another great website for finding free fonts of all kinds. It has a section for decorative Arabic fonts, where you can find 34 free fonts that are mostly personal use only. Some of the notable fonts in this category are Boecklins Universe, Catharsis Bedouin, Ramadhanfest, Marhaban Ramadhan DEMO, Asyatu, Bassun, Kebagh, Godysun, Zekat, and Fakodi. You can download the fonts individually or as a zip file. You can also sort the fonts by relevance popularity newest first oldest first most downloaded most favorited most commented alphabetical order or random order.


Dafont is one of the most popular websites for free fonts with over 40 thousand fonts in various categories. It has a section for foreign look > Arabic fonts, where you can find hundreds of free fonts that are mostly personal use only. Some of the amazing fonts in this category are Alhambra, Arab Dances, Arabian Onenightstand, Arabic Magic, Arabic Naskh SSK, Arabic TV logo numbers, Arabetics Harfi, Arabetics Latte, Aramis, and Aspire DemiBold. You can download the fonts individually or as a zip file. You can also search the fonts by name, author, or keyword.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found some useful and beautiful decorative Arabic fonts for your next project. Remember to check the license terms and conditions before using any of the fonts, and to respect the work of the font creators. Happy designing!

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