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Tiga You Gonna Want Me Tocadisco Zippy

Tiga You Gonna Want Me Tocadisco Zippy

Tiga is a Canadian musician, DJ and producer who is known for his eclectic style of electro, house and techno. He rose to fame in the early 2000s with his hit singles "Sunglasses at Night" and "You Gonna Want Me". The latter was released in 2005 as the lead single from his second album Sexor, which won the Juno Award for Dance Recording of the Year in 2007.

"You Gonna Want Me" is a catchy and funky track that features Tiga's vocals over a groovy bassline and synth melodies. The song samples the 1974 soul classic "You're Gonna Need Me" by Dionne Warwick, which adds a touch of nostalgia and soulfulness to the modern electro sound. The song was well received by critics and fans alike, and reached number 29 on the UK Singles Chart and number 6 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart.

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One of the most popular remixes of "You Gonna Want Me" was done by Tocadisco, a German DJ and producer who has worked with artists such as David Guetta, Moby and Axwell. Tocadisco's remix gives the song a more energetic and club-oriented vibe, with a faster tempo, heavier drums and distorted synths. The remix also adds some vocal effects and cuts to create a more dynamic and catchy chorus. The remix was released in 2007 as part of a remix EP that also featured versions by Van She, Dave Clarke and Jesper Dahlbäck.

If you are looking for a zippy file of Tiga's "You Gonna Want Me" Tocadisco remix, you can find it on various online platforms that offer free or paid downloads of music files. However, you should be careful about the legality and quality of these sources, as some of them may contain viruses, malware or low-quality audio. A safer and more reliable way to enjoy this remix is to stream it online from official sources such as YouTube, Discogs or Shazam. These platforms also provide more information about the song, such as lyrics, credits, statistics and related tracks.

Tiga's "You Gonna Want Me" Tocadisco remix is a great example of how a classic song can be reimagined and updated for a new generation of listeners. It is a fun and danceable track that showcases the talents of both Tiga and Tocadisco, and it is sure to make you want to move your feet and sing along.

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