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Poga Telugu Full Movie 1080p

Poga Telugu Full Movie 1080p

Poga is a 2014 Telugu horror thriller movie directed by Marthand K. Shankar and starring Navdeep, Madhu Shalini, Archana Shastry and others. The movie is loosely based on the life of Telugu actress Pratyusha, who committed suicide in 2012. The movie explores the concept of fear and how it affects the lives of the characters.

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Plot Summary

The movie revolves around four friends, Vicky, Dheer, Abhinav and Bhanu, who are bored with their lives and decide to play a game called Poga, which involves facing their fears. They visit a haunted house, where they encounter various paranormal phenomena and realize that their fears are not just in their minds, but have a physical manifestation. They also learn that Pratyusha, a former actress who lived in the house, was tortured and killed by her boyfriend and his friends, who were also involved in Poga. The movie shows how the friends try to escape from the house and the evil forces that haunt them.


Poga is a movie that tries to be different from the usual horror movies in Telugu cinema. It has some interesting ideas and twists, but also suffers from poor execution and lack of logic. The movie has some scary moments, but also some unintentionally funny ones. The performances of the actors are decent, but not memorable. The music and cinematography are average. The movie could have been better if it had focused more on the psychological aspect of fear and less on the gore and violence.


Poga is a movie that has some potential, but fails to deliver on its promise. It is not a complete waste of time, but also not a must-watch. It is a movie that can be watched once if you are a fan of horror movies or Navdeep.


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